Comedy Gold



Comedy Gold is a book that Gazpacho wrote for the purposes of recording all of his jokes and to help him whenever he is performing as a stand up comedian. It was only seen in one episode, Gazpacho Stands Up, and has multiple chapters that contain Gazpacho's jokes. The book debuted in this episode. Some of it's chapters include, Topical Comedy, Relationship Comedy, and Observation Comedy. Because Chowder had another copy of the book, we can infer that there is more than one copy.


Gazpacho Telling Jokes

Gazpacho performing at a comedy club with the book.

Observation Comedy

  1. Whats the deal with waliking it's like some people have places to be.
  1. Why do people where hats on their heads? why not on their butts, then they'd be Butt Hats.
  1. Gazpacho's fly is unzipped and is placed into the book as a funny observation.

Topical Comedy

  • My mom told me you should stop scracthing your butt so much and I said "Hey, it's my butt that should stop icthing........Maybe you should wear a butt hat.

Relationship Comedy

  • When Gazpacho and Chowder turn to this section, they stare blankly and move on. In other words, there are probably no jokes in this section because of Gazpacho's bad skills with women.

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