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Clabbage Clobber is a dish that was prepared in the episode "Stinky Love," the Clabbage Cobbler's main ingredients are Clabbage, Tears, and the horrible smelling Glumburger Cheese. Clabbage Cobbler is a very traditional meal and many ceremonies have to be performed before the meal is ready to be eaten, one such ceremony is upper-highland dance which the customer and the chef have to perform in order to fully prepare the dish (as is tradition), the dance consists of jumping on one foot while putting your finger on your nose.
Clabbage Cobbler

Clabbage Cobbler

In the episode it appeared in, Mung, Shnitzel and Chowder had to prepare this dish for an Upper-Highland customer, after having performed all the traditional ceremonies they were ready to give it to the customer, as is tradition, but Kimchi smelled the stinky cheese inside the cobbler and was immediately romanticly drawn to the dish, and somehow they were able to make many eggs containing mini cobblers. In the end the customer had a long wait (hopping on his foot for 28 hours as is tradition) and finally received his cobbler, and his fellow Upper-Highlanders received numerous mini cobblers.