Cinnamini Powder is a spice used for special recipes to shrink any kind of foods. Cinnamini is a spice which its name is similar to cinnamon. It is seen in the episode, The Cinnamini Monster. During the episode, Mung Daal reveals cinnamini to the viewers and tells about its shrinking properties. Mung, Chowder, and Shnitzel proceed to find the food. Chowder accidentally becomes shrunk, and meets the Cinnamini Monster.
Cinnamini Powder

Cinnamini Powder


In the episode,The Cinnamini Monster, the cinnamini spice is used to shrink dumplings for an order. Later in the episode, Chowder uses it to shrink Mung Daal in order to help escape from the Cinnamini monster. Then it is used to shrink Shnitzel and Truffles.


Cinnamini spice appears in the episode The Cinnamini Monster. The spice shrinks things. Cinnamini spice resembles cinnamon.

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