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"Chowder Loses His Hat"
Season 1, Episode 16a
"The Rat Sandwich"
"Brain Grub"

When Chowder is playing a game with his hat with Kimchi, it suddenly slips away which leads to chasing the hat until they see it moving.They find out that Chestnut is in the hat thinking it's a home for him to stay in. Chowder makes a deal with Chestnut to get him a briefcase. The man who has the briefcase talks about what would happen if he lost his hat,and promises Chowder a deal, if he got the guy a date with the Pepper Spray Saleswoman, he would give him his briefcase. Chowder goes over to ask the Pepper Spray Saleswoman, but when her dog, Mr. Muffin Tops, thinks Chowder was being mean to her, he attacks Chowder. Then he blurts out what he was supposed to say, even though she got who it was wrong 2 times. Then a song about bartering occurs, then when Chowder has to keep trading all morning, by noon, Chowder and Chestnut have a deal. Chowder takes 5 hours to get his hat back.


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