Chowder: Volume 3 is the third Chowder DVD volume to be released by Cartoon Network and was only released in Poland in 2012.


Chowder najbardziej na świecie kocha jeść! Marzy mu się, ż legendarnym Mung Daalem i jego apodyktyczną żoną Truflą.

Normalny dzień Chowdera składa się z załatwiania sprawunków, pracy w kuchni, irytowania Sznycla, albo, jeśli ma czas, zabaw z Kimchi.

Trzymaj się mocno swojego fartucha. Chowder i jego przyjaciele zaczynają ciąć, kroić i wywoływać chaos nie tylko w kuchni, ale i w całym Marcepanowie!

Rough (unofficial) translation

Chowder loves eating more than the world! He dreams of the legendary Mung Daal and his domineering wife Truffles.

Typical days with Chowder consist of dealing with things, cooking in the kitchen, annoying Shnitzel, or, if he has time, playing with Kimchi.

Hold on to your apron, Chowder and his friends are beginning to cut, cut and cause chaos not only in the kitchen, but in all of Marzipan!

Included Episodes


  • This is the first Chowder DVD to not have preview images on the backside of the case, with the second being Chowder and Friends, an American release DVD.

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