This is a list of Fun Facts about Chowder.

Fun Facts

  1. Chowder is nine years old.
  2. He gets very angry when he does not eat for even the smallest period of time (roughly 1 minute).
  3. Chowder has a pink cat called Princess Lollipop.
  4. "Tasting" and "sampling" to Chowder means eating it all for himself leaving Mung to cook the recipe again.
  5. Chowder is a mix between a cat, bear, and rabbit.
  6. He will eat almost anything except Meveled Eggs and Sing Beans, which he compares to sweaty socks.
  7. He sometimes keeps blutter in his hat.
  8. He has stated that Gazpacho is the eighth toughtest guy he knows, Shnitzel is second and Truffles is the first.
  9. Chowder thinks people are grumpy because people have to "make a poo."
  10. He has been living at the catering company for about four or five years.

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