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At the beginning of the episode, Chowder is trying to get everybody to buy his magazine but nobody does. Then he decides to do a cover story on the most important person (MIP) in the kitchen when Mung tells him he needs something to grab peoples attention.

Then there's an argument about who should be MIP. Mung, Schnitzel, and Truffles all think they are most important. They all try to prove to Chowder that they are better than each other. Then they get rid of Schitzel and start mocking each other. Then when Chowder says he's giving up, Truffles and Mung start trying to grab Chowder, who is having second thoughts about the whole thing. Then Schitzel comes back and the argument over Chowder causes an explosion. Then Chowder says his dream is dead and Mung, Truffles, and Schnitzel all decide they got carried away and don't deserve it. They all get back to work and Chowder applauds them and says that now he is putting all three of them on the cover, but by that he means the broom, the dustpan, and the trashcan they used to get the kitchen cleaned up.

After that the magazine sells very well, but then the broom, dustpan, and trashcan "quit." Chowder tells Mung, Schnitzel, and Truffles to get some suntan lotion, because the next edition is the swimsuit edition!


  • Chowder ate 2 Glowdurves and Mung made 5, but some how, after Mung found out that the milk was bad, there was 5 again.
  • Truffles was the only person on the swimsuit cover who did not have a swimsuit.
  • Chowder's arms were streached out in the episode, but were short again after his cover became a big hit.
  • In this episode, Chowder finally learns how to write correctly. He wasn't able to write in the episodes Gazpacho Stands Up, The Blast Raz, Paint the Town, and The Fire Breather.
  • The second time Mung acted like Truffles, the first being The Rat Sandwich.
  • Mung said "Over my blue body!" which is a reference to the phase "Over my dead body!"


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