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"Chowder's Catering Company"
Season 2, Episode 5a
"Hey, Hey It's Knishmas"
"The Catch Phrase"

Chowder makes a disgusting sandwich called Foofinscoops which nobody likes, so Mung and Shnitzel make him throw it away. At the trash can, he meets a small, black, puffy creature who likes the sandwich. Chowder then names Kevin. The creature invites his friends to Mung's place so they can eat Chowder's yucky foods. So, Chowder creates his own catering company. Shnitzel finds out and is about to tell Mung, but Chowder hits him in the head with a frying pan and throws him in a barrel. He does the same with Truffles and Mung (with the same barrel). The creatures tell Chowder to throw them into a bottomless pit, but Chowder realizes that his friends are more important then having his own catering company, so he throws the sandwich into the pit and tells the creatures to shoo. He says,"No food for you!" then he frees Mung and the others. Mung tells Chowder that he would call the police but he is too proud; Chowder has proven that he can cook and run a Catering Company all on his own. Mung tells Chowder that they all maybe working for him one day, which causes Shnitzel to throw himself into the pit.


  • Chowder is literal when he says he put a lot of heart(s) into it.
  • This episode is famous for making references of various Cartoon Network and other shows. These references go in order of when they were made:
  1. If you look closely at the Foofinscoops you can see a white sleeve with a blue stripe mixed in with it. that shirt sleeve bares a close resemblance to Billy's shirt from the show The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
  2. When Chowder says "Pretty please?" to Mung, his voice sounded similar to Ms. Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls.
  3. When Chowder says "No food for you!," he is parodying the Seinfeld episode, The Soup Nazi when a man who serves soup denies soup to George, saying "No soup for you! NEXT!." This has also been parodied on the show, "Ben 10: Alien Force."
  • This is the first time we see a puppet version of a character (Chowder) in an episode rarely.
  • When Chowder's head turns after Kevin likes the Foofinscoops, it's a reference to "The Exorcist."

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