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"Chowder's Babysitter"
Season 2, Episode 2b
"Panini for President"
"The Fire Breather"

Chowder's Babysitter is the second episode of the middle season. Gazpacho babysits Chowder, but he thinks he killed Chowder while playing hide and seek.


When Mung and Truffles go to a hoedown, Gazpacho' volunteers to babysit Chowder. Then Gazpacho thinks he killed Chowder and Chowder thinks Gazpacho killed him too. They try using every toilet in town to send Chowder to the other side. They use Endive's super toilet, but Endive "kills" (He actually fainted because he saw Endive undressing) Gazpacho when she drops her towel down, and she accidentally grabs Chowder and flushes the guys down the toilet and tries to grab them but gets a leprechaun, she then chases them across town and Gazpacho and Chowder get in trouble when the Daals come home.


  • Panini doesn't appear, but you can hear say, "No, Ms. Endive!" in the background.
  • Panini's apparently locked Endive out of the bathroom at least once, because when Endive was trying to get into the bathroom, she asked Panini if she had locked her out of the bathroom "again," implying that this has happened before.

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