The Smeanut Butter Flookies chain recipe as seen in "The Chain Recipe".

A chain recipe is a recipe given randomly to a chef in the mail. Chain recipes come from The Fates, a mysterious group who curse people who refuse to make the enclosed chain recipe. In "The Chain Recipe", Mung Daal refused the chain recipe of Smeanut Blutter Flookies and thus started suffering from bad luck.

In order to satisfy a chain recipe, after completing the recipe, it must then be sent to someone else.


  • This is a parody of chain mail, something that's typically done online. If you don't send the e-mail to a certain number of people, you'll supposedly suffer from bad luck, which is not true.
    • Chain mail is also done with snailmail; if you don't send money to the next person on the list, you'll supposedly suffer from bad luck.
  • For Mung, if he refused to make the chain recipe, he'd be cursed with a hundred years of bad luck, but Truffles says it used to only be 75-years of bad luck.
  • If a chef initially refuses to cook a chain recipe, but later decides to do it, this will count towards the chain recipe and will cut the curse short.

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