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Occupation Dancing Apprentice
Affiliations Pâté (Master)

Panini (Crush)

Species Anthropomorphic Sheep
First Appearance "The Apprentice Games"
Last Appearance "The Apprentice Scouts"
Voice actor Sean Marquette

Ceviche is Pâté's apprentice and Panini's best friend. He resembles a goat or a sheep.

Ceviché always seems to speak with a monotone inflection, regardless of what emotion he is actively expressing- whether it be fear, revenge, lovesickness, pain, happiness, or shock.


His opinion of musicals is higher than that of plays, as supposedly no one dies in musicals, indicating Ceviché is sensitive and prefers joyful entertainment. In "The Dice Cycle" he is also shown to be very kind and helpful, giving food to the poor, assisting old ladies across the street and many other good deeds.

Apparently, he was created to be a love interest for Panini, so that there would be friction between Chowder and him.

CH Greenblatt wrote in his blog: "Ceviché is a boy. I know it is hard to believe since he has the pink hair and the leotard. He has a huge crush on Panini and in a future episode he will get in a conflict with Chowder." But since Ceviches last appearance his conflict with Chowder has never been shown.


  • Ceviché first appeared in The Apprentice Games (episode) with Pâté as the previous winners of the game. In this episode he was paired up with Panini, where the two of them competed in the games.
  • In Panini for President, it is revealed that Ceviché has a crush on Panini. It is later confirmed in The Dinner Theater.
  • However the affection appears to be unrequited, as in Hands On a Big Mixer, Panini states that she sees Ceviché as a big brother, distant cousin or neighbor she passes occasionally, and seems uncomfortable whenever he attempts to make romantic advances.
  • The only two times Ceviché has spoken with emotion are in Dinner Theater, where he yelled at Gorgonzola for flicking him, and cried "I MUST AVENGE PANINI'S DEATH!"
  • Ceviché isn't very bright. He couldn't count past 29 in the episode "A Faire to Remember."
  • In A Faire to Remember, Chowder and Panini rush by Ceviché brushing his hair, and his hair flies away. This could either mean that Ceviché's purple hair is a wig or it was meant to just be a gag, he also has tiny goat ears under his hair.
  • Ceviché cries in almost every episode he's in.
  • Ceviché, along with Panini and Marmalade, is one of Chowder's very few friends. They seem to be very close friends as Chowder agreed to spend the whole day with him in the episode A Faire to Remember.
  • Ceviché is the only one who's eyes are tiny dots. Everyone else has whites around their eyes.
  • In "Hands on a Big Mixer" it is proven that he is older than Panini.
  • He is the only apprentice that was not shown in the episode Chowder Grows Up.
  • He is named after a Latin American dish consisting mainly of raw fish cured in citrus juices.

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