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"Certifrycation Class"
Season 1, Episode 4a
Airdate: November 16, 2007
Director: Juli Hashiguchi
Story: C.H. Greenblatt

Clayton Morrow
Peter Browngardt

"The Cinnamini Monster"
"The Sing Beans"
"Certifrycation Class" is the seventh episode in the first season of Chowder. It is the seventh episode overall.


When Mung is forced to spend the day in Chef Certifrycation school, he butts heads with a fickle instructor named Reuben. Mung must decide to stay true to his chef instincts or swallow his pride in order to pass the class.


At the catering company Mung is enveiling his lates cuilinary creation, the Firesnaker, to the rest of the gang. The dish ends up setting the kitchen on fire, prompting Schnitzel to complain. Mung refuses to have his techniques questioned as he is the master of this kitchen and shows off his Certifrycate to prove it. However, mid boast, his certifrycate is taken by a man from the ECEA, or Expired Certifrycate Enforcement Agency, who informs him that his certfrycate has expired and to renew it, he and Chowder must to go to Reuben's School of Certfrycation. On arriving at the school, they run into Ms. Endive and Panini who must renew as well. The teacher, Reuben, appears and explains how the class works. He likens the class to a cruise on the good ship YumYum. The ship sails smoothly as long as it follows the recipe and all those that don't follow the recipe become Recipe Pirates, never get their certifrycate, and the only place they will be allowed to cook is in a dumpster. So Mung and Chowder get to work.

The first task is to boil water. Endive measures the flames and selects the right pot and pours the water, boiling it to perfection. Mung and Chowder attach a motorcycle to a huge cauldron in what Mung calls "toiling" water, as any two-bit chef can simply boil it. Mung is awarded a Recipe Pirate hat.

The next task is to prepare a sandwich. Reuben finds Endive's sandwhich fantastic. However, Mung, who has followed the recipe to the letter despite his disagreements with it, is failed since he included mayonaise, which Reuben is alergic too. So, even though he followed the recipe, Mung is given an eye patch.

Over the next series of tests, though Mung does his best to please Reuben, he fails time after time untill he is completely decked out in Recipe Pirate atire and Chowder is dressed like a parrot.

For the final exercise they have to simply cut a piece of cake. Mung is torn on whether to listen to his instincts or go by the book as Reuben wants. His hesitation and confusion leads Rueben to have them walk the plank into the dumpster. While Mung is lamenting about why Rueben doesn't like his cooking, Chowder cheers him up with a song that says how great he is. Mung reclaims his pride and decides to go back and give Rueben a piece of his mind. Meanwhile, Rueben is preparing Endive's certifrycate, even putting his phone number on it. Mung swoops in ,like the Recipe Pirate Rueben made him out to be, and steals the certifrycate. Rueben tells Endive that she might be staying a little bit longer to get a new one. Mung presents his new certifrycate, with Endive's name crossed out and his own written in, to the gang. Truffles tells him that he's done it again, in that he's somehow set the kitchen on fire...again. But Mung just tells her: "That's what I do, baby. That's what I do."

1st Appearance: Reuben


  • The thing he used to toil the water looked like a motorcycle with a pig hood ornament with it holding a fork and a spoon.
  • Although when they put the hook on him it had a cork and in the scene when he's holding the knife to cut a piece of cake it has no cork.
  • Chowder doesn't shout "I'm not your boyfriend!" at the site of Panini.
  • When the Catering Company gets carried away, Kimchi seems to be in there. Why isn't Chowder concerned?
  • This is the first episode that Chowder Sings in, the second being The Sing Beans
  • In the trailer for this episode, Reuben says "Looks like someone's getting dangerously close to black water." But this line was not use in the final episode.
  • The two songs, Pirate Jig and Landlubber's Boat, also appeared in the Spliced! episode, Fuzzy's Visitation.
  • The ECEA agents look like The Doozers From Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock, but they are recycled from the universe.
  • Mung and Chowder never put mayo on the sandwich but for there grade they did.
  • When making the sandwich, Mung complains about the type of bread used on the sandwich, but no type of bread was specified for the recipe.

APM songs

  • Pirate Jig by Dan Boer and Paul Intsen - Montage of the wrong ways Mung Daal did.
  • Landlubber's Boat by Paul Intsen - Mung explains that he never passed.


Official art


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