The Certifrycate


Mung Daal




A certifrycate is a document that has to be held by every chief so that they can continue to cook and operate within their own business. Without one, the chief must attend classes to become a certifryed chief once again. This was shown during the episode Certifrycation Class when both chief Mung Daal and chief Endive had to attend a class to get new certifrycates. The class is very rigorous and straightforward making it difficult for chefs such as Mung Daal to succeed. Chefs who do not follow these strict rules, recipes, are considered to be Recipe Pirates and do not receive a certifrycate through graduation.


  • So far, Reuben is the only known instructor who gives out certifrycates to students who pass his class.
  • All Certifrycates within the series expire eventually.
  • Certifrycates are an obvious copy of the real life Certicate which are documents that authorize people to own things just like the Certifrycate does in the Chowder universe.

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