Cartoon Network Australia has censored several episodes of Chowder. So far, 4 episodes out of 92 have been edited, and no time worth of removed scenes have been documented so far. The list of censored scenes are as follows:

Episodes with Australian Censorship

Season 1

Sing Beans

  • When Shnitzel was telling a dirty joke, the scene zoomed it to his face, because he was making gestures that implied gambling.
  • be added...

Mung on the Rocks

  • The quote, "How about a kiss for your conquering hero?" was cut.
  • be added...

Season 2

The Brain Freeze

  • The scene with the two Flenguins kissing at Make Out Point was cut.
  • be added...

A Faire to Remember

  • The quote "I have a new color lipstick I want to try on your lips!"
    • After that, Chowder saying, "What flavor lipstick are you wearing?" and Panini repling, "Smackdown!" was cut.
  • The quote, "I think we need a kiss to convince them our love is real." was cut.
    • After that, when it was the close-up of Ceviche kissing Panini repeatedly, that scene was cut too.
  • be added...

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