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The Cat/Bear/Rabbit is a fictional race used in the universe of Chowder. They have short, cat-like tails, small bodies, and rabbit-like ears. It is shown, though, that Chowder and Panini grew very tall as fully grown cat/bear/rabbits. This shows that while some grow very tall, some have a stunted growth, like Gumbo, who seems like he is an adult. Another explanation is that perhaps Chowder and Panini have more bear to them, and match the height of a fully grown bear standing up, while Gumbo has more rabbit or cat to him. This would also explain why he doesn't have a sharp tooth like Chowder and Panini do or grow up to a height of a bear standing up. Ambrosia seems to have the most rabbit to her then all the over cat bear rabbits. It unknown if she'd grow up to a standing bear or have a stunted grow like gumbo.


There are a few differences between individuals of the species (if you will. Chowder and Panini may very well be different species of cat/bear/rabbits, as there are different species of cats, bears,and rabbits). Chowder is lilac and has stripes(like a cat), has short round ears(like some rabbits), is round and has 1 sharp tooth(like a cat).He can also purr and yowl (like a cat. He is also shown to be artistic meaning that some cat bear rabbits are not very clever. Panini is pink, has two sharp fangs(like a cat), has claws(like a cat), can transform into a black cat, and has very long ears (like a rabbit). Gumbo has a Mung Daal nose, has buck teeth (like a rabbit) and is green. Ambrosia looks a lot like pannini except she's green like gumbo, doesn't have claws, has 1 buck teeth(like a rabbit) and only one bunny like ear slightly more bend. its possible that she's the same species as her master Panini. Porrige is lavenda pink and resembles chowder except for a little buck tooth(like a rabbit) instead of Chowder's sharp cat like tooth. he is also shown to have bad eye sight which means that some cat/bear/rabbits might have bad eye sight. Though there may be different species, it doesn't mean that they are all totally different: fully grown, Chowder is taller than Panini by only a couple inches, if you don't count her ears. Gumbo, though, is very short, and was only a bit taller and bigger than Chowder was as a child. It is assumed, though, that Gumbo is a very short adult. Even so, most of the Panchowbies from Chowder Grows Up have many different colors to them, suggesting that Chowder and Panini just happen to have different colors to them. It should also be noted that every single one of the babies had either long ears and pointy cheeks, or tiny ears and round cheeks, and pointy teeth just like Chowder and Panini do. This shows that there is just as much diversity in the litter of Panchowbies that you would see in a cat litter; they all are differently colored, shaped, and featured.

Other Notable Traits

  • Some Cat/Bear/Rabbit are sensitive to the high frequency sounds like those produced by pet training whistles. Chowder appeared to be suffering considerably from this when Mung repeatedly used a dog whistle he bought to train Scary. (The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker) Also Chowder is shown to have a raccoon like tail a bit longer than all the others or this may be a cat tail.

List of Current Cat/Bear/Rabbits



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