Cat/Bear/Rabbits are a fictional cross-bred species seen in Chowder and is one of many other fictional species seen amongst the citizens of Marzipan City. They are a combination of a cat, bear, and a rabbit.

The most notable characteristics of a Cat Bear Rabbit hybrid are their cat-like, striped tail and their rabbit-like ears. Some hybrid's ears are longer than others (as seen with Panini, who is more rabbit-like overall and has larger ears compared to Chowder). They also have notable, small, pudgy bodies, however some hybrids can grow to be the size of a bear while others will remain short (Chowder and Panini grew to be very tall in size while Gumbo exhibited stunted growth).

Some Cat/Bear/Rabbits can have a large mix of two animals (or even one) from the three than others. Panini, for example, exhibits more rabbit and cat traits, compared to Chowder, who seems to have a relatively even mix of the three in his genes. Another example of a hybrid having genes primarily from only two of the three animals is the Unnamed Bunny/Cat child that was briefly mentioned in the episode "At Your Service".

The particular species of the three animals may also vary from hybrid to hybrid, which could be the reason for the more notable differences between individuals.

Other Notable Traits

  • Some Cat/Bear/Rabbit are sensitive to the high frequency sounds like those produced by pet training whistles. Chowder appeared to be suffering considerably from this when Mung repeatedly used a dog whistle he bought to train Scary (The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker).
  • Many Cat/Bear/Rabbits are shown to have prominent teeth, like fangs or buck teeth, which protrude from their upper lips. The type of teeth they have vary.
  • Most hybrids will share a small, pudgy muzzle with a similarly small nose, however this isn't the case for all of them. Some, like Gumbo, can have more human-like noses while also lacking a muzzle.

List of known Cat/Bear/Rabbits

One-shot Characters


  • When reproducing, Cat/Bear/Rabbits can birth very large litters (Chowder's and Panini's litter of Panchowbies going up to 50). This is a result of the rabbit genes in particular hybrids.



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