An illustration displaying Chowder's species: a hybrid mix between a cat, a bear, and a rabbit.

A cat-bear-rabbit hybrid is a fictional cross-bred species seen in Chowder and is one of many fictional species seen amongst the citizens of Marzipan City. They are typically a combination of a cat, bear, and rabbit, as their name states.

The most notable characteristics of a cat-bear-rabbit hybrid are their cat-like, striped tail and their rabbit-like ears. Some hybrids' ears are longer than others (as seen with Panini, who is more rabbit-like overall and has larger ears compared to Chowder). They also have notable, small, pudgy bodies, however some hybrids can grow to be the size of a bear while others will remain short (Chowder and Panini grew to be very tall in size while Gumbo exhibited stunted growth).

Some hybrids may have a mix of two animals out of the typical three animals. Panini, for example, exhibits more rabbit and cat-like characteristics, compared to Chowder who seems to have a relatively even mix of all three animals in his blood. Another example of a hybrid having traits of two out of the three animals is the unnamed bunny-cat child that was briefly mentioned in the episode "At Your Service".

The particular breeds of each animal may also vary from person to person. For example, a cat-bear-rabbit may be part tiger, a member of the felidae family.

Other notable traits

  • Some hybrids are sensitive to the high frequency sounds like those produced by pet training whistles. Chowder appeared to be suffering considerably from this when Mung repeatedly used a dog whistle he bought to train Scary ("The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker").
  • Many cat-bear-rabbits are shown to have prominent teeth, like fangs or buck teeth, which protrude from their upper lips. The type of teeth they have vary.
  • Most hybrids will share a small, pudgy muzzle with a similarly small nose, however this isn't the case for all of them. Some, like Gumbo, can have more human-like noses while also lacking a muzzle altogether.

List of known cat-bear-rabbits


  • When reproducing, cat-bear-rabbits have the capability of giving birth to incredibly large litters (Chowder's and Panini's litter of Panchowbies going up to 50). This is a result of the rabbit genes in particular hybrids.


Scraps carried by the Panchowbies

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