Carltio Con Queso's Pizzeria

Screenshot (118)

Childrens' Pizzeria Arcade
Carltio Con Quesos Manager (Owner), Señorita Mesquite (Building's animatronic show)

Hola, Papi Chulos! Welcome to Carlito Con Queso's. Aaaah-yi!

—Welcoming quote from employee

Carlito Con Queso's Pizzeria is described in episode, Weekend at Shnitzel's, is a spanish-themed pizzeria arcade built for children's entertainment. It was Chowder's idea to visit the establishment since he claimed that it was too boring in Schnitzel's home.


  • It was stated by the Carlito Con Queso's Manager that the pizzeria has a small situation with rats entering the building.
  • Unexplained, a cow was seen in the pizzeria, and was mistaken for a game by Chowder.
  • Carlito with Cheese is the translated title for the building.
  • It is unknown what or if Carlito is a translatable word.
  • The building may have been temporarily closed for repair since Señorita Mesquite was broken from a pole that controlled her movement, and creation for a green flower replacement. Both actions were ironically done by Schnitzel
  • The inspiration for this foundation may be from Chuck-e-Cheese, a currently existing franchise.
  • This may also be the case since the mascot is also represents a mouse/rat.
  • in the birthday segment. Senorita Mesquite will sing happy birthday

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