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The customers that tried it is Mung Daal, Mung Daal disguising as a soup connoisseur, Mung Daal disguising an ugly lady, and Gorgonzola. This is the second toughest dish, making The Froggy Apple Crumble Thumpkin the first.
Burple Nurples(food)

Burple Nurples


  • One Smegg
  • 2 sticks of blutter
  • A cup of sugar
  • Snoreiander (Parody of Coriander)


In the episode, Chowder puts in poison instead of the snore-lander, making the burple nurples deadly poisonous.


  • Chowder wants to make a dish on his own, but made a mistake on the last step. It was thrown into mt fondue.


Chowder names his price of each soup 5 dollops. When Mung Daal wanted to buy them all, he had to pay 50 dollops (which means he's buying 10 nurples but there were some extras seen)

However, since Chowder just opened the stand, he added a special offer similar to "buy one get one free." But it might be buy 4 get one free since Chowder price 50 dollops for 10 nurples while Mung Daal only had 45 dollops and chowder decided to give him an offer.

Mung then disguised as an ugly lady and was forced to pay 300 dollops for the soup. It's either that ugly ladies need to pay extra or there were 60 nurples on the desk. Pretty ladies get to have these soup for free.


  • Mung did not eat one,he put on his back.
  • Gorgonzola ripped off Mung for $400 dollops.
  • Women do not have mustaches,it is possibly weird.
  • this food may have inspired the name of a spore part called nurple

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