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"Brain Grub"
Season 1, Episode 16b
Airdate: June 26, 2008
"Chowder Loses His Hat"
"Shnitzel Quits"

Mung thinks Chowder needs something to make him not so scatterbrained so he makes some Brain Grub. At first it goes well, then he became too smart and notices the fourth wall. He turned the show `Chowder' into `Cooking Talk with Chowder', a boring intellectual show where Ms. Endive and Panini sing soft rock, Gazpacho is an accountant, and Kiwi sells used cars.


  • Chowder mentioned this episode in The Hot Date.
  • Truffles broke the 4th wall when she said "We've only got 11 mintutes," the length of an episode. She broke it again, saying that Chowder broke the tv, and now they have a no-show. Further episodes air, however, causing a confusing, unexplained recovery.
  • Mung also broke the fourth wall by saying that Chowder made the audience cry, and the scene then cuts to a man crying.
    • The man crying in this scene was played by Andrew W. K.
  • Chowder practically destroys the fourth wall in this episode, by finding out about the show being a cartoon and then changing the show. It is also noted by some people, specifically fans, that the show has NO fourth wall.
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