Big Food's first and only appearance was in the episode Big Food. Initially thought to be a sasquatch-like being written about in cheap tabloids, Big Food was actually a washed-up actress who faded from the public eye and took to a secluded life reliving her glory days by watching her old films, and occasionally stealing from campers(like Mung and the others) to get by.

When Chowder pursues her to prove her existence, she immediately mistakes him for her butler, 'Flax' and makes demands of him. She mistakes his request to come back with him to prove her existence for a request to 'come back' to acting, especially when Chowder reveals that he can cook. When Chowder's inability to drive gets them crashing, she quickly loses hope until Chowder serenades her...and then eats her. In his stomach, she is delighted to see all of her old friends in his stomach and is finally happy.

Trivia / Facts

  • Big Food used to be a moviestar.
  • Her home is now Chowder's tummy with other food he ate.
  • She dislikes popcorn, but was seen eating it anyway.
  • Her character is an obvious homage to Norma Desmond of Sunset Boulevard. In much the same way, her butler 'Flax' is a reference to Norma's butler 'Max', and her assuming that she will have a 'comeback' in the acting world is directly referencing the movie's plot.

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