Chowder tells Mung that he thinks a fictional creature, called Big Food, is living in the woods that they're camping in for the night, but a stubborn Mung tells him that there is no such thing as Big Food. Determined to prove Mung wrong, Chowder goes into the woods to seek Big Food. He finds Big Food, with the help of his nose, and finds out that she used to be a movie star. During the search for Big Food, Chowder thought Big Food was male, but when he found her, he discovered Big Food was female. She is a very dramatic food and mistakes Chowder for her her ex co-star Flax. As Mung is telling Lusius that he meets Mr Giant Realistic Nose, Chowder tries to lead her back to Mung, but Big Food has her mind on making a comeback in the movies. Somehow, Chowder leads her to Mung, but considering that she is a big piece of food, Chowder eats her instead.


  • During the episode, Chowder breaks out into a song entitled "What a Wonderful Food," which parodies Louis Armstrong's recording of "What a Wonderful World" in both lyric choice and delivery.
  • It is revealed that Chowder believes in tabloids.
  • Big Food, the character, is a parody of Old Hollywood like references to Marilyn Monroe with Some Like It 350 Degrees, a parody of Some Like It Hot as well as the film Sunset Boulevard, which is about an aging former famous aging actress wanting to make her comeback. Facial expressions such as the eyebrows are even at times like the arched eyebrows of Gloria Swanson in the film.
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