Big Ball (extended Title: Field-Tournament-Style-Up-and-Down-On-The-Ground-Manja-Flanja-Blanja-Banja-Ishka-Bibble-Babble-Flabble-Doma-Roma-Floma-Boma-Jingle-Jangle-Every-Angle-Bricka-Bracka-Flacka-Stacka-Two-Ton-Rerun-Free-for-All-Big-Ball) is an episode of Chowder that aired July 2, 2009 (2009-07-02). Truffles wants someone to win in Big Ball*, but Mung claims that there's no scoring in it. Fed up with being there for so long, Truffles becomes the new coach for Goulash United. Mung Daal wouldn't allow it so he decides to be team captain for the Marzipan Macadamias. Both fight against each other for the goal.

In the end, Truffles scores a goal for her team, but then a giant monster throws the sports field away into a giant trashcan--as it turns out, Mung was being literal when he was telling her that scoring will ruin the sport and that scoring really isn't the point of game. Truffles admits that she thought he just meant that in figurative-sense and the episode ends with Chowder saying that he wants more peanuts.


  • The Marzipan Macadamias's hats are similar to Mario's hat. Mario is the mascot of Nintendo.
  • The Marzipan Macadamias and Goulash United are, in fact, different, as the Goulash United's red stripes are thinner in width and vice versa.
  • Bowser can be seen at the end of the episode, where he throws the stadium in a trash can. He is the one of the main villains in the Super Mario series.
  • The whole name for the sport is Field Tournament Style Up and Down on the Ground Manja Flanja Blanja Banja Ishka Bibble Babble Flabble Doma Roma Floma Boma Jingle-Jangle Every-Angle Brickabracka Flacka-stacka Two-ton Rerun Free-for-all Big Ball.
    • In this episode, Mung believed that not saying the full name of this sport is bad luck. But however in The Chain Recipe, he didn't believe in bad or good luck.
  • This is one of the only episodes in which Chowder wasn't a major focus.
  • No one is supposed to win the game, because if one team scores, the creature will toss the stadium in the trash can.
  • The Marzipan Macadamias are the only characters that don't understand Shnitzel's words.
  • Mung breaks the fourth wall when he says "Get away from the screen. Your giant head is blocking the view.
  • In one scene, Mung exclaims, "But how are gonna win?!" when it was clearly shown that his intent was to keep the game at a tie.
    • However, he may have meant successfully defending the current round or he had just been panicking.
    • Since Goulash United got a head start during Official Tea-Break Time, the Marzipan Macadamias could have called a foul.
  • The referee screams "GooooaaaAAAALLLL!!", like in latino soccer.


  • When Mung holds Chowder before the cutaway scene, his hand disappears.


  • After Truffles barks out orders to the Goulash United team she says "now, Break!" the team then literally breaks into pieces, to which Truffles says "Yes, very funny, I hate this show."
  • After Mung shouts "Da Fence!" Kiwi appears saying "The jokes, are getting worse."
  • While Mung is about to call Chowder into the game, Chowder says the bench is nice and warm and there is a cutaway to the bench being on fire. After the cutaway Chowder appears without a shirt. When Mung asked what happened to it Chowder replies "I got hungry during the Cut-away."
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