Backwards is a seemingly homeless person who dresses like a superhero. He lives in the Other Side of Marzipan. He appears to be easily amused, but seems to have anger issues as well, and speaks another language- which, as his name implies, is simply English backwards. This can easily be translated by simply reversing the episode, though subtitles are provided. He is a very good friend of a creature called Can.

In his first appearance he was seen making fun of Mung Daal. Offended, Mung tried to stand up for himself, but he inadvertently knocked Can to the ground, revealing that what Mung had originally perceived to be a soda can was actually a living entity who had been friends with Backwards since childhood. Angered, Backwards then proceeded to beat up Mung.

Backwards is voiced by C.H. Greenblatt, who created the show.

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