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"At Your Service"
Season 1, Episode 10a
63556496 570
"The Heavy Sleeper"
"Chowder and Mr. Fugu"


Mung and Chowder are forced to work for Ms. Endive in order to receive a rare fruit from her.




  • Kiwi
  • Kimchi
  • Truffles
  • Shnitzel (mentioned)


Mung and Chowder try to buy a Mood Fruit from Gazpacho, but Endive got it first by "beating" him with her big butt. In order to retrieve it, Mung and Chowder serves as servants (including dressing up in maid outfits). First they have to clean, which Endive says "will look lovely on" Mung and Chowder, grease (made harder with Endive pouring more on them). Chowder is able to slurp all of it through a straw. Then they work in the swimming pool to remove an infestation. Whilst Mung creates a distraction Chowder sneaks and almost get the Mood Fruit. When Endive spots him she tries to shake him but ends up jumping in the pool. Endive drags them into the storage, letting them peel her sack of Growatatoes. To stop them from growint, the duo peel them as fast the can. When silence falls Endive thinks she killed them. As Panini opens the door, she smiles at them (as does Endivve which shemade manages to hide) because they survived the peeling of Growtatoes, with added Mayonnaise. So instead of giving the fruit to Mung, she destroys them. Later on, another rare food has come to Gazpacho's store, another battle goes on.


  • This is one of the references to the fact that Panini is being controlled.
  • This is the first time Chowder and Mung wear dresses.
  • Mood fruit is suspiciously like a mood ring.
  • When Chowder said "Mung I'm scared" the scene goes to a bug with a Mom tattoo on his chest



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