"Eh, cut everything. We need more marble columns, more tigers with lightning bolts, more chocolate-filled furniture, all with surround-sound system."
- Arbor.

Arborians are annoying sentient trees. They're known to have the most delicious syrup in the world. Mung Daal, Chowder, and Shnitzel needed that syrup for their pancakes because they were too dry. They grow from Arborian acorns on smooth fresh soil. They are extremely picky and demanding and they only give syrup to those who fulfill they're desires, for example they always want their gardening grounds to be filled with marble columns and tiger statues, they also enjoy lots and lots of catering. It would appear that the Arborians don't actually give their syrup, and are nothing but squatters and moochers. All of this catering makes them grow, and when mature, their syrup becomes delicious. The father of the tribe is Arbor, who has many relatives. Arborians are known not to be very friendly. When young, their syrup is bitter, in fact, so bitter and unappealing that it has become the second thing that Chowder refuses to eat.

Arbor returns in Hey, Hey, It's Knishmas, but is much more nicer than he was in The Arborians. It could be that this Arbor was actually the young Arborian tree who sprouts at the end.

Arbor returned again in the episode Gazpacho! running the Arborium.


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