"I am Arbor, proud Arborian male tree."

Arbor is an Arborian tree first seen in the episode "The Arborians."



Arbor's family [Plenty more were that came from!]

Arbor is picky and will only live in a house which he likes, usually containing marble columns and tiger statues holding lightning bolts. He talks in an accent and always consults his relatives before making a decision. When Arbor gets annoyed with someone like Mung, he locks them in the closet, although he seems to like Chowder, making him an honorary Arborian.


In the episode The Arborians, Mung Daal, Shnitzel and Chowder need syrup for their really dry pancakes so they decide to plant an Arborian seed in hopes that it will grow into a full grown tree that will supply them with enough syrup for their pancakes, however another tree (Arbor) arrives from the garden soil and this makes Chowder and Mung ecstatic however Arbor refuses to give them good syrup unless they meet his demands, this causes Mung and Chowder much misfortune and difficulty especially when Arbor's family shows up to also make difficult demands, however Mung and the others can no longer take the constant demands and they decide to trick the Arborians into moving into Ms. Endive's mansion, later when the matter seems to have been resolved Mung and Chowder see that the original Arborian seed they planted has already sprouted and is offering them "good syrup."

Arbor Returns

  • Arbor returns in Hey, Hey, It's Knishmas, but is much more nicer than he was in The Arborians. It could be that this Arbor was actually the young Arborian tree at the ending of The Arborians.

Arbor Returns Again

  • Arbor was seen again in the episode Gazpacho! running The Arborium.