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Ambrosia is Panini's apprentice in the "Chowder Grows Up" special. Because Chowder refused to grow up, Panini never married Chowder, and Ambrosia would often be abused by her cooking master, Panini, and dressed in diapers and treated like a baby (Likely for Panini to make up for the ones she couldn't have with Chowder at the time). She is named after the food in the Greek legend that the gods ate, and that would give immortality to anyone who consumed it, which might be a reference to how Panini treats her like a baby, despite her real age.


She has green skin and wears a pink t-shirt with a white apron on top, navy blue pants, and gray shoes. Ambrosia only has only one giant ear.


  • Her one ear may be a tribute to Matt Groening's "Life In Hell" character, Bongo, a rabbit with only one ear.
  • Her one ear's purpose may be to simply resemble a ponytail, as Panini's ears resemble pigtails.
  • She is, despite popular fan talk, not Chowder and Panini's species.
  • She is named after the Greek gods' and goddess' food.

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