The Alligator House

The Alligator House is a house that Kimchi's family and Porridgelive in. You enter through his mouth, and his inside is way bigger than it looks from the outside. He is an alligator, but everyone mistakes him for a crocodile. Apparently, he takes this very offensively, because when someone called him a crocodile for the last time, he kicks everyone out and tells them to go find the crocodile they want so bad. It can be assumed by this that there are crocodile houses too. He only appears in My Big Fat Stinky Wedding. Voiced by Jim Cummings, the current voice of Winnie the Pooh. He breaks the 4th wall when no one's around. Judging from how he feels around Chowder he gets annoyed with his questions. He is obediant as he refused to let Chowder in under Porriage's orders. He is like Bubbie from the Msadventures of Flapjack Because they live inside her mouth. Somehow he was able to regurgetae Chowder, Kimchi and his family out of his heart.


  • The Wedding inside the Alligator's Heart.
  • "And Beat it!"
  • Dinner in the Alligator House w/ Kimchi's Family, Chowder and Porridge.
  • "If y'all wanna Crocodile so Bad?"
  • "I'm a Alligator, Not a Crocodile."
  • The Alligator House

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