The plant guru appeared in The Garden.

He grew through the combined efforts of Mungs gentle efforts and Truffles loud Voice.

He helped by telling Chowder all about how plants grow in a song. Showing Chowder that for anything to grow it takes both a gentle touch and a firm hand. He has an Indian accent.


Agubi: I am Agubi, the veggie guru. I have the answers you are seeking to the questions you are thinking...of.

Chowder: Oh Veggie guru, what made you grow? Was it Mung or Truffles? I got to know.

Agubi: I will tell you child, before I get into this. The process is just like photosynthesis. It takes a tender touch, and a firm hand, for nature to work its master...plan. The hot sun rises, the cool rains pour. And it takes both of these,

Chowder: Can I have some more?

Agubi: It was the love of Mung, and Truffles' fury that made the seeds grow in a huu-rrrry. You're still a seed Chowder. Don't you know? It takes 2 master to make you grow. A tender touch and a firm hand. That's the Yin and Yang of garden...ang.

(Chowder ends the song by consuming Agubi!)


Truffles part in Agubi's growth is similiar to how people talk to their plants as to provide them with the CO2 they breath out that plants breath in.

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