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This is a list of Chowder episodes that premiered in 2007. All of them were apart of Season One, which continued the following year.

The Gang must make a difficult dish.

Chowder tries to get Panini to leave him alone.

Chowder makes a dish by himself, but makes a mistake and poisons it.

Shnitzel has to take Chowder to the bank to deposit his check.

Chowder swallows grubble gum.

The gang is trapped in the Cinnamini Monster's house.

Mung Daal's cooking certificate expires, and has to go to a Certfrycation Class.

The gang must make sing beans.

Mung Daal and Chowder have to deliver a dish, but they don't know the address.

Shnitzel must watch a blind person.

Chowder wants mevilled eggs.

Kimchi falls in love with a dish.

Chowder gets too distracted in "Thrice Cream" to help make a dish.

The gang goes on a diet.

Gazpacho performs in a comedy club.

Mung Daal and Ms. Endive make the same dish at a food convention.


  • Chowder aired in random spots in Fried Dynamite (the block it first aired in).
  • Chowder was one of the three Cartoon Network Originals to premiere in 2007. The others are Out of Jimmy's Head and Transformers: Animated.

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